スマイルストーンおうち写真館 東京 西小岩にある築60年の古いおうちを手作りでリノベーションしたフォトスタジオ。扉を開けると「まるでおばあちゃんちに来たみたい」。どこか懐かしくもあり、木の温もりとアットホームな雰囲気が味わえる空間です。自然な表情もよそいきの表情も全てが大切な思い出。わたし達は、お客様の一生モノの宝物となる写真をお届けいたします。

about our "OUCHI" studio

Smilestone “Ouchi” photo studio (photo studio at home) is located in Koiwa, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo. We take photos in a homely space created by renovating a 60-year old one-story Japanese house filled with Showa era nostalgia. We capture precious moments of family life.

happa.png About "Ouchi" photo studio

・What is Smilestone “Ouchi” photo studio?
For Kids Photo plan, we accept only two reservations per day.
We capture natural expressions of the family and your child in a laid-back atmosphere.


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・What does “Smilestone” mean?
We created the word “Smilestone” by combining “smile” and “milestone.”
Our hope is to have your smiles weaved in the form of photos as milestones in the journey of the “Ouchi” photo studio.


 ・The old house


The studio originally looked like this!! It certainly had the taste of the Showa era!

004-20181013-9614.jpg DSC_0349.jpg

003-20181013-9607.jpg DSC_0329.jpg

DSC_0356.jpg DSC_0344.jpg  

We worked at creating a comfortable and cozy space, while keeping the original nostalgic style by leaving the tatami mat, sliding paper doors, and wooden corridor as they were.


・About us

Both of us have studied photography since we were young. After having our daughter in 2014, we really felt that children grow and change every moment, every day. Then we came to think capturing the splendor of every moment specific to childhood in the form of photos would surely make precious memories for the family. Convinced by the power of photographs, we opened Smilestone “Ouchi” photo studio.

Genzo Shimada:
I used to be an assistant photographer,an art creator,a promotor of Photographic equipment,and a writer of Photographic magazines ,etc.I am now a chief photographer and the owner of Smilestone "Ouchi" photo studio.

Kumiko Shimada:
I studied Photography in the technical college, After graduate, I started to work as an assistant photographer in a commercial photo studio.
I am now a yoga teacher.I have a small yoga school in Koiwa. Besides that,I am an assistant photographer and a promotor in Smilestone "OUCHI" photo studio.I really love both of my jobs.



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